David Walters needs your help to defeat Jim Inhofe on November 5, 2002.

The Republicans have targeted David Walters for defeat and they will stop at nothing to win.

They are pouring millions of dollars of special interest money into Oklahoma to secure this Senate seat for six more years.

David needs your contribution now to stay competitive and take this seat back for the Democrats. This race will come down to having the funds necessary to get our message out. That is why it is so important that you make a contribution TODAY. Time is running out and David needs to pay for his television and mail by MONDAY.

David is fighting to protect Oklahoma families and he cannot do it without your help. Please consider making a generous contribution and send Jim Inhofe a message that Oklahoman's want their Senator to show up for work and stand up for them. We cannot afford six more years of a Senator who shows up for work less than 99 year old Strom Thurmond.

You can send your check today or visit our website and make your contribution using your credit card. Don't wait another second because David is counting on you to help him win this race.

You CAN make a difference so don't delay - send all that you can TODAY!!
Paid for by the Walters for Senate Committee.

Walters for Senate Campaign
PO Box 12742 - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73118
Telephone: (405) 840-8383
Facsimile: (405) 840-8999

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