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Tulsa World Endorsement

Former Gov. David Walters, 50, is challenging the veteran James Inhofe, 67, for a 6-year term in the U.S. Senate.

Almost anyone would be a better senator than Inhofe, but that statement is unfair to Walters, a bright man who would be a capable U.S. senator. The rap on Walters is that he pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor 10 years ago in a campaign finance fiasco. Most analysts agree that he was a good governor even as he was pilloried by a hostile Legislature and beset with the tragedy of his son's death.

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Walters for Senate
Claremore Daily Progress Endorsement

If opinion polls are right; if money talks; if debates are refused, and if Oklahoma voters fail to awaken, U. S. Senator Jim Inhofe will be reelected in a few days. And we think that’s unfortunate for Oklahoma.

Challenger David Walters is overwhelmingly the superior choice. He simply is more qualified, more intelligent, and more on-target for America, Oklahoma and the average working family.

Rising from a poor Oklahoma cotton farm, by personal will, sweat and drive, Walters carved out a distinguished term as governor and became successful in private business. A proven galvanized thinker, Walters is a visionary leader.

David Walters Has Ability To Be Strong U.S. Senator
Elk City Daily News Endorsement

The Daily News endorses former Governor David Walters for the United States Senate seat to be decided by Oklahoma voters on November 5th.

Former Governor Walters has a strong record in support of education, healthcare, government re-organization and streamlining, Social Security, agriculture, rural development, for giving a tax credit to help seniors and their families pay for long-term care, and for a prescription drug coverage program as part of Medicare.

As Governor of Oklahoma David Walters led efforts to increase funding for our schools, for a far-reaching effort at extending highway development and maintenance, for efforts to increase quality jobs in Oklahoma and to enhance the availability of healthcare for all in this state.

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21 days 'til Election Day
October 16, 2002

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